Tconsult is now working together with Epson. Tconsult is is always looking for suitable solutions in the logistics sector. The meetings with Epson have led to a new integration. The Epson scanner is integrated into our mobile scanning application, called Scangaroo.

Truck drivers can easily scan documents and accelerate their document flows with the WorkForce DS-360W. The DS-360W is compact, versatile and fast. It is an ideal document scanning tool for the logistics sector. Curious about the added value of the Epson scanner? We will provide you with all the details.

A new standard for portable scanners

A truck driver spends a lot of time in his truck. To make good use of the space in his cabin, it is essential that the scanning solution is compact. The DS-360W only weighs 1 kg, making it a light portable scanner. In addition, because of the scanners compact size, it doesn’t block the sight of the driver when the scanner is installed on his dashboard.

Fast invoicing

The scanner is powerful enough to process a wide range of (CMR) documents quickly and efficiently. As a result, the administration receives the documents faster and they can start to process all documents right away. An extra additional benefit is that invoicing can start faster.  Furthermore, the DS-360W is very suitable as a portable document scanner, because of the USB 3.0 connectivity and a convenient automatic document feeder (ADF). ADF is a system where a stack of documents (20 sheets) is automatically delivered to the scanner. This means that the truck driver doesn’t have to manually deliver the pages to the scan bed one by one.

Speed ​​combined with quality

Thanks to the impressive scanning speed of 25 pages per minute and the image quality the driver is assured of an efficient scanning process. The scans appear quickly in high quality in the application. When the driver has finished scanning, the (CMR) documents can directly send to the administration in just a few second.

Wireless scanning solution

The DS-360W offers a wireless scanning solution with a built-in battery and a wireless connection option. The truck driver can easily operate the scanner wirelessly through the Scangaroo app. So there is no fiddling with cables. In addition, the scanner doesn’t require a permanent power supply or an external adapter. The lithium battery ensures that the scanner has a long service life. If the battery is empty, the scanner can be charged quickly through the USB 3.0 connection.

Logistical solutions

Tconsult is happy to look for suitable solutions to optimize your logistical business processes. The efficient, compact and precise technologies from Epson offers fast and versatile solutions. You are assured of a compact and fast scanner that can accelerate your document flows.

About Scangaroo

Tconsult offers both software as hardware solutions for the logistic sector. Scangaroo, part of Tconsult, is an advanced mobile scanning solution that controls compact document scanners on: on-board computers, tablets and smartphones. Scangaroo accelerates administrative flows, allowing you to charge an invoice earlier.