On 23 June 2016 the Great Britain population voted in a referendum to leave the EU. The term Brexit is originated from ‘Britain’ and ‘Exit’. Not only Britain leaves the EU, but also Northern-Ireland; together they make the UK. The deadline for the Brexit is on Friday March 29 2019, when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

The relationship with the United Kingdom is of great importance for the transport and logistics sector. In 2017, almost 3.5 million European trucks drove to and from the United Kingdom. The country is the fourth export country for the Netherlands after Germany, Belgium and France. Many types of goods are transported to the United Kingdom; for instance: flowers, plants, food but also car parts. More than 8 billion euros per year is traded between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


As soon the United Kingdom has officially left the European Union, they will no longer participate to the EU, so customs formalities will have to be filled in. Border posts will be reopened and additional customs forms will be required. As a result, long queues will arise for customs. Rules of the World Trade Organization will be operative and all organizations have to act according this rules because the United Kingdom is leaving the European customs Union. As a result some products will face high import tariffs. The administration will cost more time and more paperwork is needed to trade with the United Kingdom. The expectations are most likely least 9 forms will be required to trade with the United Kingdom. In many cases the carrier receives all necessary import and export declarations from the client. To make sure all documents are available at the border, it is advisable for the transporter to check in advance if the customs declarations are complete. If the customs declaration is not in order or missing at customs, the drivers of the carrier can’t continue driving. Last minute changes has to be made to get the right documents in the truck.


Additional checks will be issued after the exit from the EU of the United Kingdom. In addition to the checks on the customs declarations, additional check on goods will also take place. These checks will mainly occur in the transport of agricultural goods. A distinction is made between a phytosanitary and / or veterinary inspection. The phytosanitary inspection is focused on the plant products. The veterinary inspection is aimed at the living animals and animal products. These inspections can cause problems during the transition because there is not an inspection point in all the ports of the Netherlands to carry out these checks.


To minimize the impact of the Brexit on hauliers and be able to quickly switch with your drivers, it is recommended to switch now and look for smart solutions. In this way, the transporter can check for all documents before the transport. In addition, it may be wise to optimize the process of the document flows. When optimizing the document flows, you can ask the following questions:

  • Which documents are needed after the entrance of the Brexit?
  • Do my drivers have the necessary documents at all times during transport?
  • How quickly can the required documents be in the truck?
  • How soon after delivery of the goods are all documents returned to the administration?
  • How fast is the administration processed after receipt of all documents and can invoices be invoiced?

Print Panther

Print Panther is the advanced mobile print solution for the truck. Getting the latest changes from the office at any time of the day, or receiving the additional customs documents is no longer a problem. Print Panther ensures that your drivers, wherever they are, can print the desired documents directly. With Print Panther you have the possibility to give the driver a transport order without having all necessary documents immediately. When the driver is at the border post, he can immediately print all necessary documents and hand them over to the customs officer for inspection.

Print Panther works on various on-board computers, but also has a standalone solution for the smartphone. Compact document printers are used for printing. Tconsult can tell you everything about it.

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Scangaroo is the advanced mobile scanning solution for the truck. Scangaroo makes it possible to scan the transport documents into the truck at any time of the day immediately after signing. With scanning, a file number and / or trip number can be entered immediately, which makes it is easier to search back on the administration. The scanned documents are returned to the office within a few minutes after loading or unloading, so after which the administrative process can start immediately!

Scangaroo works on various on-board computers but also has a standalone solution for the smartphone. Compact document scanners are used for scanning. Tconsult can tell you everything about it.

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RTI Solution

In addition to scanning the logistic documents and to give better support to the the administration, RTI solution has been developed. The scanned documents that are sent to the administration with the Scangaroo app can be  read out automatically. With the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) handwritten and typed documents can be read directly and digitally processed. The I.R.I.S. software is used: which makes it possible to retrieve, identify, recognize, convert and compress documents. In short, all administration in order quickly, automatically processed and stored. So you have more time for other important matters, like preparing the right documents for import and / or export!

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