The world around us is becoming increasingly digital, but within the transport and logistics industries, many things are still handled with paper. However, with the help of Scangaroo this is all a thing of the past. In this blog, we share more information about Scangaroo, the integration with Rietveld and the experiences of our existing customers.

Rietveld and Tconsult have been working hard on a successful integration and this has paid off. The Scangaroo application can now be downloaded from the Rietveld on-board computers. By installing the application on an on-board computer such as the Efficio, it is even possible to integrate Scangaroo into the driver’s question path. That way you can guarantee that drivers will never forget the scanning of documents.

Save costs and invoice faster

Scangaroo is the number one solution to accelerate and digitize administrative flows. By connecting smart devices to compact scanners, the flexible scanning app makes it possible to process documents digitally anytime and anywhere. After the delivery of goods, no one has to touch the consignment notes and other documents and they can immediately be included in the administration. This way you can streamline the processes and render paper documents obsolete. After all, working with physical documents is impractical for several reasons. It affects the speed, accuracy, efficiency and consistency of the processes. Additionally, working with paper documents is not the most hygienic solution.

The app has various integration options through which various document scanners are controlled via Android devices and on-board computers. The advanced hardware ensures clearly legible, high-quality scans. With a specially designed bracket, you can securely attach the hardware in the truck.

Collaboration Rietveld and Tconsult

Rietveld’s mission is to use the solutions offered to form an important link in the business processes and to structurally improve the results. They achieve this by gathering all necessary disciplines under one roof. Rietveld has its own Research & Development department, Project management, sales organization, Helpdesk and Aftersales & Service. Rietveld is not part of a dealer organization, but develops and supplies its own fleet management systems. For you, this means a partner with short communication lines and a flexible organization.

Rietveld has been working closely with renowned partners in transport automation for many years, including Tconsult. Tconsult is the independent specialist in the field of Smart Logistic Solutions. Tconsult offers various tools and applications that allow companies to digitize and optimize processes in an easy way. In addition, Tconsult is specialized in setting up, maintaining and improving logistics processes and administration. With the solutions of Tconsult, companies can generate real-time data and can realize significant time and cost savings. The Scangaroo solution achieves these goals and more.

Scangaroo in practice

The Scangaroo solution is designed in such a way that it can be implemented within any company. The plug-and-play integration with the Efficio on-board computers lets you start digitizing documents quickly and easily. A large number of logistics providers and carriers already work with Scangaroo, including Troost Transport and Vrieswijk Minnertsga. Troost Transport Middelharnis BV is a specialist in refrigerated and container transport and transports containers and trailers throughout Europe.

At Troost Transport, they initially lost a lot of time scanning and linking the signed CMR documents to the correct journey orders. “By equipping the vehicles with scanners from Rietveld and Tconsult, we were able to digitize this process as much as possible,” says Thomas van den Heuvel, Operations Manager at Troost Transport.

“Because the driver scans the document and sends it directly via the Efficio on-board computer, we receive the documents quickly. We are working on a smart link with our TMS package, which ensures that the CMRs will be directly linked to the relevant trip order. This is almost done and will save us even more time.”

Lead time reduced to 1 working day

Scangaroo user Vrieswijk Minnertsga specializes in transporting scrap metal and other bulk materials. At Vrieswijk Minnertsga, all truck drivers sent the consignment notes to the administration by mail once a week. This is mainly because drivers work throughout the country and do not have to come to the office every day for their work. By using the Efficio on-board computer from Rietveld in combination with a document scanner from Tconsult, they have been able to reduce the processing time of the invoicing from 1.5 weeks to 1 working day.

Top quality color scan

Since quality and a neat appearance are important to Vrieswijk Minnertsga, Rietveld has set the scanners to color scans especially for them. “The scanners are clear, handy and easy to store,” says Foppe Oegema, director of Vrieswijk Minnertsga. “Delivering quality is very important to us in every aspect, so we wanted a scan that gave a good and clear representation of the document. We found this with the solution from Tconsult and the on-board computers from Rietveld. ”


Thomas van den Heuvel of Troost Transport is satisfied with the collaboration, “our experience is that we are always welcome, are helped quickly and if necessary, a mechanic is available for us.” Vrieswijk Minnertsga has also had a positive experience with Scangaroo. “The installation of the systems went smoothly and there was good communication with Rietveld,” says Foppe Oegema.

The company has now been working with the solution for almost a year. Their drivers are also enthusiastic about the use of the on-board computer, especially since this saves a lot of paperwork in combination with the Tconsult software. The drivers have become users of the time and cost-saving solution, they’re equipped with both the on-board computer and scanners.

Scangaroo is a subscription based solution. Our employees are happy to discuss the best package without any obligation. Do you want to know more or do you have questions? Feel free to contact Rietveld or Tconsult for more information!


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