In the Netherlands there are already a couple thousands of trucks driving with Scangaroo, the scanner app from Tconsult. The Scangaroo application is a scanner app that can be used flexibly, for example on the road, in the car or on location at the customer. Whether you are a transporter or supplier, Scangaroo makes your work easier and faster. For example, the driver of the transporter can scan the CMR immediately after signing, when delivering the goods. The scanned CMR then automatically arrives immediately at the (transport-) administration that can directly send the customer an invoice for the provided service. For the supplier, the charter application form Scangaroo can be a solution, in which you give the total scan solution to the transporter. As a result, the supplier can impose on the transporter that all documents are scanned immediately after deliver the goods. Scangaroo can be set up in a way after scanning the documents the supplier and customer receive directly an e-mail with the scanned transport documents.

Messer B.V.

Messer Benelux of the Messer Group has recently started using the Scangaroo app. Messer produces and supplies industrial gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, specialty gases for medical purposes and has a worldwide range of gas mixtures. Responding to customer demand and providing tailor-made solutions is Messer’s motto. With the gases that Messer produces, they are a jack of all trades.

Frank van der Berg – Logistics Department – met with Scangaroo through his regular transporter Schenk Tank transport. Schenk Tank transport, which also transports industrial gases for Messer, is already working satisfactorily with Scangaroo, the scanner app. Schenk uses Scangaroo for scanning CMR, delivery notes and other transport documents. Frank saw with his own eyes the advantage of Scangaroo the scanner app that ensures the CMR is returned immediately to the administration after delivery.

Introduction to Scangaroo

Messer heard about Scangaroo through Schenk Tank Transport. Frank van der Berg of Messer contacted Tconsult to discuss the possibilities with Scangaroo. The application works very easily with a compact document scanner from Fujitsu or Canon. Scangaroo enables mobile scanning of any document with an Android phone or tablet, but can also be integrated on an on-board computer. With the Scangaroo app you can scan documents directly and send them to the administration. The scan app is suitable for transporters with regular drivers but also works well for charters.

Frank: ‘’ The decision to work with Scangaroo was taken quickly and we have signed the contract in a very short time. Crucial for us was the speed of action and the pleasant approach of Tconsult. After the fist contact with Tconsult an appointment was made quickly for a demo of Scangaroo. During the demo we discussed extensively how the scanner app can be used and how the scanner app works. We also gratefully used a free pilot Scangaroo for a period of one month.’’

Messer Benelux has chosen to run Scangaroo on CAT Rugged Smartphones. These CAT Smartphones are also supplied by Tconsult. The compact mobile document scanner from Canon (Canon P-215II) is connected to the CAT Smartphone and allows easy scanning of documents.

Benefits of Scangaroo

The biggest advantage of using Scangaroo is that the papers, such as ride lists, delivery notes, tank vouchers and CMR’s, are quickly returned to the department that needs to process them further. The driver can scan the CMR immediately after delivering the goods so that they no longer lose, rip or become unreadable due to blurring. By scanning directly with a document scanner, the quality of the document is maintained. The Scangaroo scanner app allows the driver to send the papers to the shipper without the intervention of the transporter or planner. This increases the work pace and you are no longer dependent of the transporter and/or planner. Messer Benelux is now able to accelerate the invoicing process to its customers. This acceleration ensures even more satisfied customers!

The total solution

Tconsult not only supplies the scanner app Scangaroo, but also all the necessary hardware. The total Scangaroo solution consists of:

  • The Scangaroo app that run on various on-board platforms, but also on mobile phones or tablets.
  • A compact document scanner from Canon or Fujitsu
  • The necessary USB cables
  • The Scangaroo bracket

To ensure that the scanner can be used 24/7, Tconsult has developed a bracket/holder for the compact document scanner in the truck, so the scanner can be properly secured and protected. A solid and reliable total solution for scanning all types of documents on the road in trucks!


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