In the logistics world, there are many different forms of documentation you have to deal with. Unfortunately, the keeping, storing and processing of these documents doesn’t always happen according to plan. These complications can turn the administration into a logistical nightmare. Here at Tconsult, we have developed software specifically designed to relieve some of this pressure, like the app Scangaroo. With this app and the supporting hardware, documents can easily be scanned on-the-go and processed right away. One of the major advantages of using scanners is that you can offer clients immediate service. It can also be tempting for transporters to settle for a photo app, but this is a pitfall that you can best avoid. This is due to the fact that photo apps can negatively impact the  clarity and quality of documents, and even have a detrimental effect on customer relationships.


Pitfalls to avoid

There are many parties that have developed photo scanning applications for smartphones. In addition to this, there is also the option to use the standard photo app that can be found on smart devices. This may seem easy, but there are a number of disadvantages to this. First of all, the quality is considerably less compared to a real scan. On the one hand, this is because there is no consistency in the copies when using a camera app, every photo is different. On the other hand, the quality of the device is also a determining factor. Simply put, an older device with an older camera leads to less clear pictures. This is the last thing you’ll want to deal with, especially when trying to send a packing slip in hard-to-read handwriting on carbon paper.

Although it may sound fast and simple to just take a photo, it can take more time than people think. Firstly, it requires quite a few attempts to properly capture the documents and even then they are often unclear. This can really be a hassle when dealing with a huge stack of papers. With Scangaroo, you simply put the papers in the input tray, press start and the app takes care of the rest. Some scanning devices even feature double-sided scanning. Scangaroo also bundles everything into one PDF, so you don’t have to work with countless files. To make it even easier, Scangaroo also makes it possible to require adding the trip and order number when sending the scans in the app. This way, the documents can easily be found in your inbox and archived.


Loskamp Logistics and Scangaroo

Loskamp Logistics, satisfied customer of Scangaroo and Tconsult, got to experience Scangaroo’s benefits firsthand. Because drivers from Loskamp Logistics were on the road all week, important documents could only be included in the administration upon their return at the end of the week. Among other things, this caused delays in payments and an accumulation of work. But with the help of Scangaroo, this is all in the past.

“We frequently receive compliments from customers about the quality of the scans,” said Freddy Borgkamp, ​​manager of Loskamp Logistics. “They also receive a copy of the scan. And in the app you can easily add the trip and order number, so that you can quickly find the scans in your inbox. Scangaroo relieves us in such a way that we save a lot of time in processing the executed transport orders during the weekend. ”


You satisfied, customer satisfied

In conclusion, using a standard photo app has many unforeseen disadvantages. Scangaroo also has many functions that make processing physical documents more efficient and easier. Because important documents can arrive back at the office immediately, transport orders can be processed and invoiced almost immediately as well, even if the driver has only just gotten back on the road. In addition to this, Scangaroo helps companies radiate a higher degree of professionalism to the customer, so that stronger partnerships are forged.


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