In logistics and transportation, many papers and documents are required when transporting goods. Examples are CMR documents, consignment notes, customs clearance forms, receipts, packing slips or other documentation. Keeping track of and processing all these documents can be difficult, especially when these documents need to be converted and added to the digital administration. It’s possible that companies will experience delays, because physical documents are still on the road with the drivers and haven’t been returned to the administrators yet. To prevent these and other problems, Tconsult developed the scanning solution Scangaroo.

Scangaroo is an application that can control compact document scanners. The app works on board computers, tablets and smartphones. The driver can scan the documents, using the user-friendly scan app, and then send them directly from the app so that they can be included in the administration. To make it as easy as possible for users, we have integrated Scangaroo with various operating systems and hardware. In this blog, we have compiled a clear overview of all our Scangaroo partners and integrations. This makes it easier to weigh the options against each other. If you still have trouble making a decision, Tconsult is always happy to help you make a good choice.



We realize, of course, that scanning needs can differ per company. That is why we partnered with various hardware suppliers. To ensure the optimal operation of Scangaroo with partners and integrations, our employees extensively test the software with the various options. We will sometimes spend a long time on one step in the integration process, so that we can ultimately offer our customers the best solutions and support. The three suppliers we work with are Canon, Epson and Fujitsu. Below you can read more about the hardware options we offer through them.


1. Canon, P-215II

The Canon imageFORMULA P-215II is a compact mobile scanner that can be connected via USB. The P-215II provides a fast scanning functionality, with speeds that allow two-sided scanning of up to 30 images per minute. Users can also process ‘batches’ of scans quickly with the automatic document feeder for up to 20 sheets. The scanner is lightweight (about 1kg) and is ideal for on the go or to mount in the truck. The scanner is also equipped with a card slot, that allows you to scan plastic cards and ID’s. In addition to the scanner, we can also supply all necessary cables and a protective bracket for optimal hardware operation and security.


2. Epson, DS-360W

The Epson DS-360W can be connected via Wi-Fi and USB. Epson’s mobile scanner is multifunctional and has a built-in document feeder for up to 20 sheets. The scanner can process different sized documents: envelopes, receipts, CMR documents, business cards and ID cards. In addition, any document type can be converted to a PDF file with the built-in conversion module. The scanner has a built-in rechargeable battery and weighs only 1.3 kilos. We can also supply all necessary cables for this hardware. In combination with the bracket designed by Tconsult, it is an ideal scanner for on the go.


3. Fujitsu, iX100

The wireless Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 scanner is the most compact of all and works via Wi-Fi. The processor automatically detects the available Wi-Fi networks and can then establish a connection by itself. Thanks to the advanced GI processor iX100, images are already optimized in the scanner and it only takes 5.2 seconds to scan a page. The scanner also functions as a wireless access point for smart devices. Additionally, the scanner has a built-in lithium-ion battery that can scan up to 260 times in one charge. The ScanSnap scanner weighs only 400 grams and is perfect for scanning on the go or on locations at customers.


Integration options

As mentioned before, our employees are continuously improving the Scangaroo app and the integration options. We can therefore guarantee that we have selected the best devices to use Scangaroo with. During the development phase, we took into account that not all our customers want to integrate the solution on board computers. That is why we also offer the app as a standalone solution. For example, users can choose whether they want to use Scangaroo on the on-board computer or on separate smart devices. The software works on various TomTom, Mercedes, Rietveld, AddSecure and Android devices. A more detailed overview of the specific devices can be found below.

  • TomTom: The TomTom Pro8 by WEBFLEET Solutions is a flexible on-board computer that allows various applications to be integrated, making it as easy as possible for the driver. Scangaroo can also be easily downloaded on the computer and incorporated into the standard driver workflow within minutes.

  • Mercedes: Our latest integration! After working closely with the Mercedes developers, we are proud to announce that the Scangaroo app is now available in the Mercedes Benz Truck App Portal. The solution can be downloaded in all Mercedes trucks that use the App Portal.

  • Rietveld: The Scangaroo application can be downloaded on the Garmin on-board computers as an APK. By downloading the application on the on-board computer, it is even possible to integrate Scangaroo in the driver’s question path. This guarantees that the scanning of important documents will never be forgotten.

  • AddSecure: AddSecure (formerly Vehco) is a supplier of various on-board computers. Our scanning solution is integrated in three of these computers, namely the ATX1, the ATX2 and the Headless. This way we can offer Scangaroo as wide as possible.

  • Android: Any smart device that uses the Android operating system can be used to control the Scangaroo app. All you’ll need to do is download the app from the Google Play Store and log in with your usage license.


Scangaroo is a subscription-based solution. We offer different packages for companies of different sizes. We also work with various Scangaroo partners and integrations to continuously optimize our services. This way you can be sure that you always get the best and most fair price. Do you have trouble making a choice? Our employees are happy to discuss the options and help you put together the best package. Feel free to contact us for questions about Scangaroo, Tconsult, or one of our other services!


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