Scangaroo now has an integration with various on-board computer providers. Scangaroo works on the Garmin, TomTom, ATX and Headless. You can read more about our integration options Under ‘Partners’. Scangaroo can either appear in the on-board computer’s divers’ questions path or be chosen outside of the question path. There are three scanners that work in combination with Scangaroo. The Canon P215-II USB scanner, this scanner can be directly connected to the on-board computer through a USB cable. The iX 100 Wi-Fi scanner from Fujitsu can establish the Wi-Fi connection itself at the time of scanning. Epson’s Wi-Fi scanner, the WorkForce DS-360W, also features double-sided scanning and an automatic document feeder for up to 20 sheets.

Thanks to Scangaroo’s many integrations with both on-board computers and scanners, the solution is versatile and suitable for every situation. Is there no integration with your on-board computer yet? View the possibilities on our partner page.

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Scangaroo standalone

The Scangaroo application can also be used as a standalone solution. Using Scangaroo as a standalone is very easy for companies that work with charters. Most charters will not have the Scangaroo solution in their car themselves. Companies often desire to operate in coherent ways, like all documents being signed and scanned upon delivery. The charter app can be the ideal solution for the hired charter or self-employed driver. Our Scangaroo solution can be installed on any Android device, which makes working charters possible. You can connect the device through a cable or through Wi-Fi, so you can print immediately.

Tconsult offers a total solution, meaning the necessary hardware can also be delivered. If desired, we can make a quotation for Scangaroo in combination with on-board computers, Android phones, the desired scanner, a bracket and the corresponding cables

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