Wie is Webfleet Solutions ?

Webfleet Solutions is one of the world's leading providers of telematics solutions with a
focus on fleet management, vehicle telematics and connected car services. The company's
main SaaS solution, WEBFLEET, is used by companies of all sizes to increase vehicle
performance, save fuel, support drivers and increase fleet efficiency. Webfleet Solutions
has more than 50,000 customers worldwide and serves drivers in more than
100 countries, providing them with the best support network in the industry and
the widest range of third-party integrations and applications.

Webfleet solutions

Webfleet Solutions

Tconsult & Webfleet Solutions

Webfleet Solutions’ open platform helps integration partners increase the value of their products, solutions and services with telematics capabilities. Thanks to this open platform and these integrations, customers are able to optimize the document flows and invoice faster. Similarly, Webfleet Solutions and Tconsult have joined forces so that both parties can offer the best solution to the customers in the Transport & Logistics sector.

Pro 8375

The PRO 8375 from Webfleet Solutions is the customizable Driver Terminal that links driver, vehicle data, and business processes. The hardware is a robustly designed device that takes into account the use in and outside the truck. The Scangaroo application works together with the PRO 8375 in the driver’s question path. After loading or unloading, the driver can quickly scan the documents and continue on his route.


The PRO 8375 works in conjunction with our Scangaroo & Print Panther. After unloading all goods, you can easily scan the packing slips and CMRs and send them to the office. The administration can invoice the settlement quickly, which improves the cash flow of the company. Would you like more information about the PRO 8375 and the combination with Scangaroo? Don’t hesitate to contact us!