Scan directly from the truck

Scangaroo is an application that can control compact document scanners. The scanning solution is easy to use and can be integrated with Android devices or on-board computers in trucks. The application is highly flexible and can be used anywhere, for example on the road from the car or truck or at the customer’s location. Carriers often have to deal with many different types of documents that have to be returned to the office. Drivers are regularly on the road for long periods of time and won’t return to the office with important transport documents. These documents are often needed for invoicing and administration, but are unavailable to those who need them. This includes waybills, CMR’s, delivery notes, import certificates, Customs documents, packaging receipts and other documents. Sometimes, these documents will get lost, become illegible or tear, making it so that they can no longer be used for invoicing. Transporters are then confronted with clients who wish to receive a readable copy of a CMR, but will be left empty handed.

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From the truck to the office

Drivers can easily use Scangaroo to scan all corresponding documents in the truck after delivery. When used in combination with smart devices, the Scangaroo solution can be taken directly on location to the customer. Scangaroo can also be integrated into the question path of various on-board computers in trucks. This guarantees that documents can’t be forgotten or skipped. With the help of the user-friendly scan app, the driver can scan important documents upon receipt. Documents can be scanned in color or with grayscale and you can choose to scan in 150 dpi or 300 dpi. These settings affect the size of the file, the quality of the scans remains the same. In the app’s settings, you can choose a set e-mail address to send all the scans too. Scangaroo makes information about loading and unloading the goods available for the transporters and administrators in real time. Additionally, the carrier can quickly pass on the scanned documents to the client, the loading address and the unloading address and the logistic administration can be updated immediately. In short: Scangaroo helps businesses save time, money and accelerate their cashflow!

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